CloudPull 2.7.2

CloudPull 2.7.2 is now available. This is a modest update with the following improvements:

  • For customers with 1Password installed, the sheet showing you the Google login page will contain a 1Password button. Clicking on the 1Password button will open 1Password and ask it to display your Google accounts.
  • When setting up an account, CloudPull will now proactively warn you if avast! Mail Shield is enabled. CloudPull's backup of Gmail is not compatible with avast! Mail Shield. This update does not address the incompatibility, but it provides a more helpful error message.
  • If validating sufficient access to your account results in an error message, that error message will now be aligned correctly.
  • The user style sheet for the Google Request for Permission page in the login workflow has been updated.

CloudPull 2.7.1

CloudPull 2.7.1 is now available. This update fixes a bug that could cause calendar backups to fail after deleting a calendar.

CloudPull 2.7

CloudPull 2.7 is now available with two major improvements: the ability to limit Google Drive backups to traditional Google Docs, and a modernized status indicator in the menu bar.

By default, CloudPull still backs up all files on Google Drive. You can limit Google Drive backups to traditional Google Docs in the account sheet of the preferences window.

In addition, I have redesigned the menu bar status indicator. Taking a queue from the status indicator for Time Machine, the icon is no longer animated while CloudPull is performing backups. Instead, it will show a static arrow while a backup is in progress. In addition the status indicators are now monochrome images, making them look much better in Yosemite's dark mode.

Other improvements include:

  • Updated wording for Google Drive document types: Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.
  • Compiled against the OS X 10.10 SDK with Xcode 6.1.