CloudPull Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. We are not in the business of selling or monetizing your data in any way.

1. Google

In order to perform its function, CloudPull logs in to your Google account. That interaction is subject to Google's privacy policy.

CloudPull never sends information from or about your Google account anywhere, other than the location to which you store your Google account backups.

2. Interaction with Golden Hill Software

After asking for consent, CloudPull sends periodic requests to our download server to determine if a software update is available. If the “Include anonymous system profile information” preference setting is enabled, the software update check will include system information such as the macOS version, number of accounts being backed up, and services that you are backing up (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts).

CloudPull also communicates with Golden Hill Software in order to facilitate purchasing the app’s premium features from inside the app. Credit card transactions are processed through Stripe and are subject to Stripe's Privacy Policy. Credit card numbers always go directly from CloudPull to Stripe; our servers do not see your credit card number.

3. Email Exchanged with Golden Hill Software

Golden Hill Software email is hosted by FastMail, and is therefore subject to the FastMail Privacy Policy. Golden Hill Software may retain email indefinitely in order to provide context for future conversations.

4. Beyond this Product

We may use third party content delivery services on our website.

When necessary for maintenance and security purposes, we may log requests to our website. Information logged may include visitor IP addresses. That information will be used for the sole purpose of maintaining the web site and will be stored for no longer than necessary.

Any correspondence via social network such as Facebook or Twitter is subject to the privacy policy of that social network and is beyond the scope of this privacy policy.

This privacy policy does not apply to other Golden Hill Software products.

5. Sharing of Data

We are a United States company. When legally required to do so, we will provide information to government authorities. Beyond that, we will never share customer data. We make a point of minimizing the customer information we have.

6. Personal Data

The personal data Golden Hill Software has about CloudPull customers is limited to email received from customers, information provided at time of purchase, and subscriptions to the company mailing list.

Upon written request from a customer to, Golden Hill Software will supply the personal information we have about the inquiring customer. Similarly, we will delete our copy of said data upon written request.

Any such request must include all email addresses that the customer used to purchase the product, subscribe to the mailing list, or send us email. We may require evidence that the requesting individual is the owner of those email addresses.

7. Contact

Any questions or concerns about this privacy policy should be sent to John Brayton at

8. Changes to this Policy

Future versions of CloudPull may require an update to this policy. Any changes will be noted on the Golden Hill Software blog.

Document History

  • First version: January 16, 2019