Unread 1.9.3

Unread 1.9.3 is now available with these improvements:

  • Unread will no longer show “Untitled” or placeholder text from syncing services when displaying posts without titles. This change does not apply to articles downloaded before installing this update. Inoreader and NewsBlur set the title to the first few words of an article if it has no title, so this change does not apply to articles downloaded from either of those services.
  • Tapping on an article date in the article view now has the same effect as tapping on the title. Unread will open the article in its readability view or on the web, depending on your settings.
  • Equation images from zhihu.com now load properly. This change does not apply to articles that Unread downloaded before installing this update.
  • I fixed a bug that prevented images from loading in Readability view for some sites.
  • When the App Icon Badge is enabled and Mark Read On Open is enabled, Unread will decrement the icon badge number when an article is opened instead of when the user leaves the article.

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Unread 1.9.2

Unread 1.9.2 is now available with these improvements:

  • I made several changes to help avoid Unread using a low quality image as an article thumbnail.
  • In Unread 1.9, I added changes to make Unread incorporate many more images from articles for Feedly users. With this update, Unread still does this but it filters out particularly small images.
  • I added minor share sheet compatibility improvements for sharing articles with DEVONthink To Go, Facebook Messenger, Google Inbox, Micro.blog, Slack, Tweetbot, Twitter, and Twitterrific.
  • I increased the line-height of text inside table cells. This improves the layout of some email newsletters. Both Feedbin and NewsBlur allow customers to accept incoming email newsletters and to treat them as articles.
  • Fixed a bug that caused URLs of articles from zoom.nl to be incorrect for Feedly users.

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Unread 1.9.1 Adds Support for Feedbin Saved Searches and More

Unread 1.9.1 is now available with these improvements:

  • Support for Feedbin saved searches.
  • Better timing of haptic feedback. When in response to pulling the screen in a certain direction, Unread now provides haptic feedback when you reach the pull threshold instead of when the resulting view appears. When the options view is triggered by tapping on the screen, Unread now provides haptic feedback upon tap rather than when the options view appears.
  • Fix for a bug that caused image flickering in the article list.
  • Threshold changes to make it less likely that pulling up to Mark All Read will be invoked accidentally.
  • Changes to the Inoreader refresh process so that updates to Saved Searches will appear earlier if the Hide Read Items setting is disabled.
  • Fix for a bug that I inadvertently introduced in Unread 1.9 that caused the refresh indicator not to show the animation when refresh was initiated by a mechanism other than pull to refresh.
  • Fix for a crasher that could occur when opening a folder that did not contain any feeds.
  • In-app purchase bug fixes.

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Feed Hawk 1.7 Adds Support for Feedly

I am very excited to release Feed Hawk 1.7 with support for Feedly. This update also adds a variety of other improvements:

  • Feed Hawk’s Inoreader credentials will now expire far less frequently. I thank the Inoreader team for their assistance with this.
  • Improved the heuristics used to determine whether JSON Feeds and RSS or Atom Feeds presented on a page provide identical content.
  • Made the color of the “Save” navigation bar button brighter when it is enabed.
  • The app now shows feeds with experimental (“x-”) variants of content type strings.
  • The Feed Hawk extension will now hide the status bar when the Select Feeds view occupies the full screen.

I updated the Feed Hawk Privacy Policy to reflect the addition of Feedly support.

If you are happy about this update, please leave a review in the App Store.

Unread 1.9 Adds a New Design for the iPhone X, Support for Inoreader, and Much More

I am excited to release Unread 1.9 with a new design for the iPhone X, support for Inoreader, and much more.

These are the highlights of this update:

  • A new design for the iPhone X
  • Support for Inoreader
  • The ability to open links with in-app Safari in Reader mode
  • The ability to open links in Firefox
  • Haptic feedback for swipe actions (on devices that support it)

The specific iPhone X design changes are:

  • Rather than the bottom of the screen having a title bar and then an area for the home indicator, the title appears in the home indicator area. The size of the title text is a bit larger and varies based on the General font size setting.
  • When reading an article with Full-screen Reading enabled, the home indicator is now hidden. It appears initially, but fades out. It will fade in for some touch and scroll actions.
  • With the Glass theme and the Castro theme, the top bar and bottom bar did not look good on the iPhone X before. With this update they have one solid bar that looks much cleaner.
  • The scroll indicators always remain on a visible area of the screen. They can no longer have areas hidden by the curve of the screen even on an article view that uses the entire screen.

I also added a variety of smaller improvements:

  • Links from articles to apps in the App Store and to other iTunes products will now open in an in-app store view, even if the link contains an affiliate code or a campaign code. The affiliate code or campaign code will be passed to the in-app store view.
  • When sharing an article via Messages, Unread will no longer incorporate other metadata as text. Unread will simply send the URL and Messages will generate a thumbnail of the web page.
  • The About screen is reorganized and incorporates a new Credits page and a new Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • When updating articles for Feed Wrangler smart streams, the activity text will be more specific about its progress.
  • Unread now incorporates a different variation of the Whitney font for activity text, such as “Caching images (1 of 100)”, that allows for monospaced digits. This avoids the text from being centered every time the number of processed items is incremented.
  • Unread’s footnote popovers now work with Feedly.
  • Unread now incorporates many more images from articles for Feedly users.

Finally I added some bug fixes:

  • I fixed a display issue with presented Safari View Controllers on an iPhone X in landscape mode.
  • I fixed bugs around maintaining article list scroll position and preventing image flickering when new articles are found or when the device is rotated.
  • I fixed bugs around reloading the Dashboard screen (the first screen after tapping to open an account from the home screen).
  • New users will no longer be asked for permission to set badge numbers before enabling badge numbers.
  • I fixed a layout bug in the tutorial shown when the app is first installed.
  • I reinstated shadows in view transitions. I had inadvertently removed those shadows in a prior update.
  • I fixed a bug that could cause the scroll indicator on the article list to become jittery.
  • I improved Unread’s heuristics around determining when an article is a linked list article.
  • I fixed a display issue with presented Safari View Controllers on an iPhone in landscape mode.
  • I fixed an unread count inconsistency issue that could occur if an account was refreshed shortly after an article was marked read.
  • I fixed a bug that could cause the home screen font size and/or background colors to become incorrect under some circumstances.
  • I fixed a compatibility issue with Miniflux via its Fever API implementation.
  • View animations are now much smoother on the iPhone X when in landscape orientation.

I updated the privacy policy to account for Inoreader support.

If this update makes you happy, please leave a review.

Updated 12:20 PM Boston time: Added specifics of the iPhone X design changes.