Upgrading CloudPull

Upgrading CloudPull adds a variety of functionality to the app.

Support for up to Ten Google Accounts

After you upgrade CloudPull, it will support up to ten Google accounts. If you keep separate Google accounts for your company, your clients, and your personal life, you can back them all up with CloudPull.

Control over Old Backups and Snapshots

By default, CloudPull keeps items deleted from your Google account, outdated versions of items in your Google account, and snapshots of your Google account for 90 days. After upgrading CloudPull, you can choose a shorter or longer time period. You can even choose to keep these items indefinitely.

Run CloudPull as a Background App

Upgrading CloudPull gives you the ability to run it as a background app. When run as a background app, CloudPull will not appear in the Dock or in the Application Switcher. The CloudPull status icon and status menu will remain in your menu bar, allowing you to keep an eye on your backups.

Control over how often backups are performed

By default, CloudPull performs backups every hour. After upgrading CloudPull, you will be able to change how often backups are performed.

Ability to Change Backup Location

By default, CloudPull stores your backup files in its Application Support folder. After upgrading CloudPull, you can tell it to store your backup files in any folder you choose.