Fever-Feed Hawk Adapter

Fever-Feed Hawk Adapter adds an API to Fever that makes it possible for Feed Hawk to subscribe to and unsubscribe from feeds.



Fever-Feed Hawk Adapter requires:

  • A Fever host running an Apache server with PHP. Any Apache server with PHP that can run Fever should be suitable, but PHP 5.5 or 5.6 is recommended.
  • An SSL certificate signed by a certificate authority. Fever-Feed Hawk adapter does not accept accept requests that do not use HTTPS connections. Feed Hawk does not with services without HTTPS. Feed Hawk does not accept invalid or self-signed certificates. Let's Encrypt provides free SSL certificates.

Installation Instructions

  1. Copy the “adapter” directory to your Apache server. Put it in a location and set its permissions such that Apache will serve its contents.
  2. Inside the “adapter” directory, rename “config-template.php” to “config.php”. Edit “config.php”, setting the value of the “FEVER_ROOT” configuration to the path of your fever directory.
  3. Load the “adapter/adapter.php” file with a web browser. If configured correctly, it should return the following JSON: {"adapter_api_version": 1}
  4. Disable always_populate_raw_post_data in your php.ini file and restart Apache: always_populate_raw_post_data = -1
  5. Load the “adapter/index.html” file with a web browser. Enter your Fever credentials and click or tap “Test” to verify that your installation is working correctly.

After Fever-Feed Hawk adapter is installed and working correctly, download Feed Hawk. When Feed Hawk asks for the URL of Fever-Feed Hawk Adapter, enter the URL returned by the successful test result of Step 4.


Fever-Feed Hawk Adapter is written by John Brayton of Golden Hill Software. Please direct any support requests to Golden Hill Software, and not to the developer of Fever.

The source code repository to Fever-Feed Hawk Adapter is hosted on GitHub.