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About Marcato

Marcato allows you to create site-specific browsers on your iPhone. Marcato maintains separate cookies, local storage, and cache for each browser. The browsers live within the Marcato app.

Protect your Privacy

Use a site-specific browser to prevent, for example, your Facebook account from being tied to your other web browsing activity.

Maintain Multiple Logins

Are you constantly logging in and out of a web site using different accounts? With Marcato, you can create a separate browser for each account.


Create a site-specific browser for each financial institution. Avoid logging in to sensitive accounts with your primary browser. This limits your exposure to cross-site request forgery attacks.

Marcato supports the 1Password and LastPass iOS 8 extensions.

The Story Behind Marcato

I use Facebook to keep up with family and friends, but Facebook's approach to privacy gives me pause about running the Facebook app or logging in to Facebook with my primary browser. On the Mac I use a Fluid site-specific browser to visit Facebook, but there was nothing similar for iOS.

I also prefer to use either a dedicated app or a site-specific browser when logging in to financial accounts. I use Fluid to do this on the Mac, but there was no similar offering for iOS. I decided to write one.

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