Unread for macOS: Beta Version

Screenshot of Viewer Window in Unread for macOS

I invite you to download a beta version of Unread for macOS via TestFlight.

Please Tell Me What You Think

Please send me suggestions, bug reports, and any other input you have. The best way to provide input is to email support@goldenhillsoftware.com. The Help menu contains a Contact Developer… menu item that will create an email message to this address.

Development Status

Unread for macOS is not ready for release, but it contains enough functionality to serve as a solid RSS reader on macOS. It syncs with Unread Cloud, Feedbin, Feedly, Fever, Inoreader, and NewsBlur accounts. It also supports Local accounts. It includes Unread’s webpage text retrieval features, themes, search functionality, and both the Subscribe in Unread and Save to Unread share extensions.

This is a list of the most significant items that have not been implemented, but that I intend to implement before releasing Unread for macOS:

  • Alternative dock icons
  • In-app release notes
  • Article actions such as saving to Instapaper and Pocket
  • Widgets
  • Drag and drop in the feed list and in the article list
  • Multiple selection in the feed list and in the article list
  • Ability to display feed retrieval errors for Unread Cloud and Local accounts
  • Ability to display article action errors
  • Keyboard navigation improvements
  • Mark All Read by scrolling beyond the last article in an article list
  • Handoff
  • Functionality around images inside articles
  • Printing
  • Overlay showing the section title (date or feed title) when flicking through an article list
  • A better About window

Subscription Purchases

All functionality in Unread for macOS is available without a subscription while Unread for macOS is in beta. Premium functionality will require a subscription when Unread for macOS is released.

Article actions, widgets, and alternative dock icons have not yet been implemented. Caching and Save to Unread functionality is available in the macOS beta now, regardless of whether you have an Unread subscription.

System Requirements

This beta release requires macOS 14.2 or later. I plan to continue aggressively targeting the newest version of macOS.

Keeping Up-to-Date

To keep up with the latest developments and find out when Unread for macOS is shipping, subscribe to the RSS feed for this website or follow Unread on Mastodon. You can also subscribe to the Unread for macOS Release Announcement Mailing List.