Unread Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. We are not in the business of selling or monetizing your data in any way.

1. Feed Services

In order to do its job, Unread needs to interact with your feed service accounts. That interaction is subject to the privacy policies of your feed services:

Fever does not have a posted privacy policy but it runs on a server under the customer’s control. Its source code is available to its customers.

Unread stores your feed service account credentials securely in the iOS Keychain. With the exception of Fever, Unread uses HTTPS exclusively to communicate with feed services. Unread will use HTTPS exclusively to communicate with Fever unless the customer adds the account with an HTTP URL.

It is possible for a feed service to inject links or embedded objects such as images into articles. Such embedded objects may be served via HTTP. Any content injected by a feed service is subject to the terms of Section 5: Websites.

1a. Web-based Login

Feedly, Inoreader, and NewsBlur have OAuth 2.0 web-based login processes.

Unread facilitates each web-based login process by opening a Safari View Controller. Unread ensures that the initial URL for the Safari View Controller is an HTTPS URL. Beyond that, Unread has no way to ensure that the entire login process happens via HTTPS.

The Unread Redirect URLs for Inoreader and NewsBlur point to a web server under our control. This results in an authorization code being transmitted to our web server at the end of the login process. Our web servers only use the authorization code to send it back to Unread. Our web servers do not log OAuth redirect requests.

Feedly supports Redirect URLs with custom URL schemes. Therefore Feedly authorization codes are never transmitted to our web servers.

2. Unread Web Service

Unread uses a web service that we maintain. Communication with this web service takes place exclusively via HTTPS. Unread uses public key pinning to validate the authenticity of this web service.

We log requests to the Unread Web Service. Information logged may include client IP addresses. Any information collected in log files or by the web service is used for the sole purpose of improving Unread and maintaining the web service, except as specifically outlined below.

2a. Webpage Text

Unread’s webpage text feature requires the Unread Web Service. Specifically:

  • Unread asks the web service whether specific feeds serve truncated articles.
  • Unread asks the web service to provide webpage text for specific webpages.
  • When a customer changes the default setting for a feed from feed text to webpage text or vice-versa, Unread may send a message to the web service with the Feed URL, whether the Traditional setting or the Linked List setting was toggled, and whether the toggle was turned on or off. The purpose of this is to improve our detection of feeds that include only summaries.

We reserve the right to use feed URLs and page URLs sent to the Unread Web Service as follows:

  • To add feeds and pages to our test suite in an effort to improve our webpage text extraction quality and our ability to determine which feeds contain truncated article content.
  • To address webpage text issues reported by customers and to add pages from reported issues to our test suite.
  • To address errors recorded by the Unread Web Service.
  • To build a directory or search engine of public feeds. Such a directory or search engine may use the frequency with which we see requests for feed information to gauge feed popularity, but will never reveal or include personally identifiable information about who subscribes to a feed. If we build such a directory or search engine we may make it public.

In some cases our log files will reflect that a user from a specific IP address requested feed information for a specific feed URL or requested webpage text for a specific webpage URL.

Unread attempts to determine whether feeds are private, either only available on a local network or protected by username and password. If Unread determines that a feed is private, it will never send the URL of that feed to the Unread web service. Unread will also never send the URL of an article to the Unread web service if it determines that the article is from a private feed unless the customer specifically requests webpage text for that article or makes webpage text the default for articles from that feed. There are circumstances in which a feed could be private but Unread is unable to determine that.

2b. Subscription Management

When you search for a feed or add a feed subscription, Unread may send the webpage URL, feed URLs, and other URLs linked to from the specified webpage to the Unread Web Service. This helps Unread quickly determine what feeds are available and to what feeds you are already subscribed even if you are subscribed with a different feed URL. We reserve the right to use feed URLs and webpage URLs as outlined in Section 2a.

2c. Analytics

Unread sends anonymous usage information to the Unread Web Service. Golden Hill Software needs and uses this information for the sole purpose of improving Unread. Usage information that Unread sends includes:

  • Settings, such as whether “Mark Read on Open” is enabled
  • Whether you use certain features of Unread
  • Which feed services you use
  • The volume of data that Unread is storing on the device such as the number of accounts, number of articles, and number of feeds

Unread does not send any of the following information:

  • Account credentials or any account information except for which feed services you use
  • The URL of your self-hosted feed service

Information about feeds to which you subscribe or articles that you read are not included in these analytics reports. The Unread Web Service only stores aggregated analytics report data. It does not store individual analytics reports from devices.

2d. Support File Uploads

In an effort to troubleshoot a customer support issue Golden Hill Software may ask a customer for his or her Unread log files and database files, and provide a way for the customer to submit them. That submission will happen via the Unread Web Service because the files can be too big to reliably send via email. Those files contain information about feeds to which the customer subscribes and articles that the customer reads with Unread. Golden Hill Software will treat these files as confidential information, will use them for no purpose beyond addressing the customer support issue, and will delete these files once the issue is resolved. This will only ever happen after we request those support files and the customer explicitly agrees to provide them.

2e. Configuration

Unread may retrieve configuration information from the Unread Web Service. Specific pieces of configuration information that might be retrieved by the Unread Web Service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Application-wide authentication keys for feed services
  • In-app purchase availability
  • Announcements that should be presented to customers

3. Article Action Services

Unread allows you to share an article directly to Instapaper, Pinboard, Pocket, Raindrop.io, or to Safari Reading List. That is subject to the privacy policy of the associated service:

3a. Instapaper

Instapaper has the concept of a private bookmark, such as those bookmarks resulting from using Instapaper’s email-in text feature. Unread always saves articles to Instapaper via its URL. Unread does not make its bookmarks private.

3b. Pinboard

Pinboard bookmarks saved by Unread are shared unless the Pinboard “save all bookmarks as private” setting is enabled.

4. Apple

Because Unread is distributed through the App Store and runs on iOS, use of Unread is also subject to the Apple Privacy Policy.

Occasionally, either at the request of a customer or at the request of Golden Hill Software and with consent of the customer, a customer might beta test an unreleased version of Unread. When that happens, Golden Hill Software will provide the customer’s name and email address to Apple. That process is subject to the TestFlight Terms and Conditions. Beta releases may incorporate changes to the privacy policy that have not yet been published to the Golden Hill Software website or announced on the Golden Hill Software blog.

5. Websites

Displaying webpage text and displaying articles with embedded objects such as images requires making HTTP and HTTPS requests to third party websites. In the same way that a website can track direct visitors, a website may be able to track Unread customers when retrieving embedded objects and webpage text, when opening a link from an article, and when opening an article on the web.

6. Email Exchanged with Golden Hill Software

Golden Hill Software email is hosted with FastMail, and is therefore subject to the FastMail Privacy Policy. Golden Hill Software may retain email indefinitely in order to provide context for future conversations.

Unread contains the ability to email a customer support request to Golden Hill Software. Unread adds a small bit of information about the device and installation to customer support messages by default. This helps to provide context around customer inquiries. If desired the customer can remove that information before sending the message.

7. Beyond this Product

Actions performed by share sheet extensions or by other apps with data copied to the clipboard are beyond the scope of this privacy policy.

We may use third party content delivery services on our website.

When necessary for maintenance and security purposes, we may log requests to our website. Information logged may include visitor IP addresses. That information will be used for the sole purpose of maintaining the website and will be stored for no longer than necessary.

Any correspondence via social network such as Facebook or Twitter is subject to the privacy policy of that social network and is beyond the scope of this privacy policy.

This privacy policy does not apply to other Golden Hill Software products or to versions of Unread released by its previous owners.

8. Sharing of Data

We are a United States company. When legally required to do so, we will provide information to government authorities. Beyond that, we will never share customer data. We make a point of minimizing the customer information we have.

9. Personal Data

The personal data Golden Hill Software has about Unread customers is limited to email received from customers and subscriptions to the company mailing list.

Upon written request from a customer to support@goldenhillsoftware.com, Golden Hill Software will supply the personal information we have about the inquiring customer. Similarly, we will delete our copy of said data upon written request.

Any such request must include all email addresses from which that customer sent us email or subscribed to our mailing list in order for us to find that information.

10. Contact

Any questions or concerns about this privacy policy should be sent to John Brayton at support@goldenhillsoftware.com.

11. Changes to this Policy

Future versions of Unread may require an update to this policy. Any changes will be noted on the Golden Hill Software blog.

Document History

  • Unread 2.2: Updated to reflect these changes:
    • Reporting a webpage text issue no longer sends a request to the Unread Web Service. Instead it creates an email message that the customer can send to customer support.
    • Unread can now save to Pinboard and to Raindrop.io.
  • Unread 2.6: Updated to reflect the addition of Stacksift-based crash reporting.
  • Unread 2.8.3: Updated to reflect the removal of Stacksift-based crash reporting.

This privacy policy was overhauled for Unread 2. The Unread 1 privacy Policy has been archived.