Unread 2.2 Release Notes

New Article Actions

This update adds these new article actions:

  • Mail Article mails the content of the article.
  • Mail Article Link mails a link to the article.
  • Pinboard saves a bookmark to an article in your Pinboard account.
  • Raindrop.io saves a bookmark to an article in your Raindrop.io account.

Each article action can be invoked by keyboard shortcut: option-i for Mail Article, command-i for Mail Article Link, command-shift-b for Pinboard, and command-shift-r for Raindrop.io.

Keyboard Navigation Improvements

When navigating up and down an article list via hardware keyboard with space or shift-space, Unread now stops at breaks between articles when possible rather than scrolling a fixed number of points up and down the screen. This change also applies to other screens with lists of items.

Important Note

For Feedly customers, the list of Saved Articles is now called “Read Later”. The wording around adding and removing articles to this list has also been updated. The underlying functionality is unchanged, but I updated the wording to reflect a change in Feedly’s nomenclature.

Minor Improvements

  • Most animations now happen about 30% faster.
  • You can now toggle Hide Read Items from the tug left menu of article lists for specific feeds, folders, and searches. You can also use the command-shift-h keyboard shortcut from those article lists.
  • This update adds improved formatting of aside elements.
  • Overscrolling in order to scroll to the next article, scroll to the previous article, mark all read, or pull to refresh is now easier with a trackpad or mouse.
  • Unread now plays video in embedded iframes from player.twitch.tv.
  • Unread now uses a Content Security Policy as an additional mechanism to ensure that articles cannot execute arbitrary scripts.
  • Unread will now consider a feed private if its URL path contains the string “/private/” or the string “/pri/”, or if its URL contains the query parameter “unread_private=true”. Private feeds have webpage text turned off by default. URLs of private feeds are never sent to the Unread Web Service.
  • The context menu for a subscription row now includes a Copy Feed Link menu item.
  • Report Webpage Text Issue in the share sheet has been replaced with Report Article Issue. That option is available regardless of whether you are viewing feed text or webpage text. Instead of sending a request to the Unread Web Service, it creates an email that you can send to the customer support address. The privacy policy has been updated to reflect that the Unread Web Service is no longer involved in reporting these issues.
  • Retrieving articles is now significantly faster.
  • Unread now uses better article list images for articles from underconsideration.com under some circumstances.

Bug Fixes

  • Performing actions from context menus is now smoother.
  • Article previews now display more smoothly.
  • This update fixes bugs around and improves the performance of loading subsequent pages of articles after scrolling to the end of an article list.
  • This update fixes some article list and article display glitches.
  • This update fixes a bug that caused the scroll position on an article to change under some circumstances after closing and reopening Unread.
  • This update fixes some bugs around syncing article status.
  • This update fixes a bug that caused the left arrow key on a hardware keyboard to behave in unexpected ways when the focus is on a text field.
  • This update fixes a crash that could occur under some circumstances when searching for a feed by URL.
  • This update fixes a bug where, under some circumstances, tapping a link to a website could bring the user to the website’s feed instead of the website’s home page.
  • This update fixes a bug where, under some circumstances, swiping back did not work while refreshing an account.
  • This update fixes a bug that would prevent a videos from having a play control under some circumstances.
  • Unread now better handles articles that do not have webpage URLs.
  • This update fixes a bug that prevented color themes from applying to context menus on the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 betas.

This update requires version 13.5 or later of iOS or iPadOS.