CloudPull 1.5.2 is now available through this web site and through the in-app Software Update mechanism. This update has also been submitted to the Mac App Store, and will be available through the Mac App Store as soon as possible. CloudPull 1.5.2 adds offline operation improvements and bug fixes.

Offline Operation Improvements

The backup scheduler in CloudPull 1.5.2 takes into account when the Mac is offline. When offline, CloudPull suspends automatic backups. CloudPull reschedules backups when the Mac comes back online. If a backup is overdue or if the last backup attempt was not successful when the Mac joins a network, CloudPull will schedule a backup 30 seconds into the future. The 30 second delay allows for any other network changes that might otherwise interfere with the backup.

Bug Fixes

This update also provides two bug fixes:

  • This update addresses a bug where CloudPull was unable to backup gzip-compressed files from Google Docs.
  • This update addresses a crasher in, ironically, the crash reporter.