CloudPull 2.0.2 is now available through this web site and through the in-app Software Update mechanism. This update has also been submitted to the Mac App Store, and will be available through the Mac App Store as soon as possible.

This update improves the speed at which messages are retrieved from Gmail. Message retrieval now happens at roughly three times the speed at which it did in version 2.0.

Close observers may be wondering why they did not see a CloudPull version 2.0.1. There was a 2.0.1 update that was specific to the Mac App Store Edition of CloudPull.

While the update is not yet available on the Mac App Store, customers who have purchased CloudPull through the Mac App Store are welcome to download the latest version from this web site at any time. The Direct Download Edition of CloudPull recognizes when a customer has purchased CloudPull from the Mac App Store, and runs as a fully licensed copy when that is the case.

Update March 14, 2012: The CloudPull 2.0.2 update is now available in the Mac App Store.