CloudPull 2.1.5 is now available through this web site and through the in-app software update mechanism. This update has also been submitted to the Mac App Store and will be available through the Mac App Store as soon as possible.

This update addresses the following issues:

Sports Team Calendars

Google Calendar allows you to subscribe directly to sports team calendars. However, Google does not provide API access to these calendars. To the best of my knowledge Google has never publicly said why, but it seems likely that their license to this data prohibits them from providing API access to this data.

Until recently, these calendars did not appear in the Google Calendar API at all, so CloudPull simply did not see that you were subscribed to one of these calendars. In a recent subtle Google Calendar API change, subscriptions to these calendars became available but their event-level data is still not available. Therefore, CloudPull was trying but failing to back up these calendars.

CloudPull 2.1.5 will now ignore sports team calendars to which you may subscribe in Google Calendar. This limitation is strictly for sports team calendars that Google makes available. This limitation does not apply to shared calendars in general. This also does not apply to, for example, a company or little league sports team calendar to which you may subscribe.

Fixed “Exclude item from status determination…”

If you right-click on an item that cannot be backed up, you can select an “Exclude item from status determination…” menu item. This allows you to acknowledge that backing up a certain item is problematic, and allows the cloud icon in the menu bar to reflect a successful backup if everything else is backed up properly. The need to use this is very rare, but it can be useful when the Google APIs are not properly providing download access to an item.

Unfortunately, this functionality stopped working correctly in a recent update. You could select the menu item, but it did not work. This update restores that functionality.

Retina Snapshot Icon

When updating CloudPull for retina displays, I somehow missed that the snapshot icon in the main window was not retina-optimized. That is fixed in this update.

Update November 2, 2012: This update is now available in the Mac App Store.