The Google Reader shutdown is less than one week away.

After the shutdown, I am going to release a CloudPull update that disables its ability to back up Google Reader. The app will continue to provide full access to your existing Google Reader backups.

I now use Feed Wrangler as my news reader. Feed Wrangler is an online news reader like Google Reader, combined with a dedicated iOS app. I would recommend this to anyone who is still looking for a Google Reader alternative. I also recommend listening to this week's episode of the Mac Power Users podcast, where David Sparks and Katie Floyd discuss Google Reader alternatives in-depth.

If you have been using Google Reader to subscribe to this blog and choose not to find an alternative, you can continue following my company news on Twitter,, or Google Plus. You can also subscribe to my very low-volume company mailing list.

Updated June 26, and then again on July 1: Changed the release date of the update that disables Google Reader to after the shutdown.