Marcato 1.1 is now available in the App Store. This update incorporates the ability to add a Marcato browser to your home screen. You can add a browser to your home screen by tapping the Activity/Share button in the toolbar, and then tapping “Add to Home Screen” in the resulting Share Sheet.

Tapping that button will open a placeholder page in Safari. You will then need to repeat this process in Safari.

I believe the first non-Apple iOS app to provide a way to add bookmarks to the Home Screen was Workflow. Until Workflow was released, I believed that doing so was not possible from within the iOS app sandbox. I want to publicly thank the Workflow developers for paving the way for Marcato and for other apps with similar needs.

As a side note, Chuck Joiner was kind enough to interview me on MacVoices. Please consider watching the interview and subscribing to MacVoices.