Unread 1.7.4 is now available in the App Store. This minor update adds some bug fixes.

In version 1.7 I inadvertently introduced a bug where the Last Background Fetch time displayed under Unread in the Settings app was not being updated correctly. This update fixes that.

I also inadvertently introduced a bug in version 1.7 that broke animation of theme changes. This update fixes that as well.

Finally, I added several accessibility fixes. My predecessors clearly prioritized accessibility in the app. I am eager to continue doing so. The accessibility fixes are:

  • If you execute the “Speak Screen” function while viewing an article, your device will now correctly read the article and stop at the end of that article.
  • If you execute the “Speak Screen” function on any screen where the title of the view is displayed at the bottom, the title of the view will be spoken before the contents.
  • Tapping on an account on the home screen when VoiceOver is enabled will now reliably result in the visible account information text being spoken.
  • Tapping the 1Password button when logging into Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, or Fever when VoiceOver is enabled will result in the text “Open Password Manager” being spoken.

If this makes you happy, please leave a review.