I am very excited to release Feed Hawk 1.7 with support for Feedly. This update also adds a variety of other improvements:

  • Feed Hawk’s Inoreader credentials will now expire far less frequently. I thank the Inoreader team for their assistance with this.
  • Improved the heuristics used to determine whether JSON Feeds and RSS or Atom Feeds presented on a page provide identical content.
  • Made the color of the “Save” navigation bar button brighter when it is enabed.
  • The app now shows feeds with experimental (“x-”) variants of content type strings.
  • The Feed Hawk extension will now hide the status bar when the Select Feeds view occupies the full screen.

I updated the Feed Hawk Privacy Policy to reflect the addition of Feedly support.

If you are happy about this update, please leave a review in the App Store.