Unread 1.9.1 is now available with these improvements:

  • Support for Feedbin saved searches.
  • Better timing of haptic feedback. When in response to pulling the screen in a certain direction, Unread now provides haptic feedback when you reach the pull threshold instead of when the resulting view appears. When the options view is triggered by tapping on the screen, Unread now provides haptic feedback upon tap rather than when the options view appears.
  • Fix for a bug that caused image flickering in the article list.
  • Threshold changes to make it less likely that pulling up to Mark All Read will be invoked accidentally.
  • Changes to the Inoreader refresh process so that updates to Saved Searches will appear earlier if the Hide Read Items setting is disabled.
  • Fix for a bug that I inadvertently introduced in Unread 1.9 that caused the refresh indicator not to show the animation when refresh was initiated by a mechanism other than pull to refresh.
  • Fix for a crasher that could occur when opening a folder that did not contain any feeds.
  • In-app purchase bug fixes.

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