Unread 1.9.2 is now available with these improvements:

  • I made several changes to help avoid Unread using a low quality image as an article thumbnail.
  • In Unread 1.9, I added changes to make Unread incorporate many more images from articles for Feedly users. With this update, Unread still does this but it filters out particularly small images.
  • I added minor share sheet compatibility improvements for sharing articles with DEVONthink To Go, Facebook Messenger, Google Inbox, Micro.blog, Slack, Tweetbot, Twitter, and Twitterrific.
  • I increased the line-height of text inside table cells. This improves the layout of some email newsletters. Both Feedbin and NewsBlur allow customers to accept incoming email newsletters and to treat them as articles.
  • Fixed a bug that caused URLs of articles from zoom.nl to be incorrect for Feedly users.

If this update makes you happy, please leave a review.