Unread 1.9.6 is now available with these improvements:

  • This update supports the 2018 iPhone models.
  • For customers using NewsBlur, Unread will no longer show placeholder text on articles that do not have titles. This change does not apply to articles that a previous version of Unread already downloaded to the device. I want to thank Samuel Clay of NewsBlur for adding an API change that made this possible.
  • Unread will now show image thumbnails for articles from polygon.com.
  • I fixed a bug that would prevent images from loading in the Readability view on some articles.
  • I added improvements to make it easier for customers using FreshRSS via its Fever API implementation to setup their accounts in Unread.
  • I fixed a bug that could cause read status changes and starred/saved status changes to become lost if made when the device is offline.
  • This update is compiled with Xcode 10 against the iOS 12 SDK.

If this update makes you happy, please leave a review in the App Store.