Unread 2.3.1 is available in the App Store.

iPhone 12 Support

This update adds support for the iPhone 12 devices.

About Screen Improvements

If you have at least one account setup, you can now subscribe to our website’s RSS feed directly from the About screen. Similarly you can now open @unread_app on Twitter via Tweetbot, the Twitter app, or Twitterrific directly from the About screen.

Please consider subscribing to our RSS feed or following @unread_app on Twitter to keep up with our latest news.

Other Improvements

  • Videos now play full-screen on iPad.
  • The name of the Group by setting of the Unread Counts widget is now Report by.
  • The screen title and activity text no longer appear at the bottom of an Unread window on an iPad when in slide over.
  • After tapping on what looks like an image-based button that links to a podcast, Unread will now open the link instead of zooming into the image.
  • This update improves formatting of some articles that include tables.
  • This update fixes a bug that caused links to code snippets to be removed from sourcediving.com articles.
  • This update fixes a bug that allowed horizontal scrolling on some articles.
  • This update fixes a bug that prevented two-finger scrolling on a trackpad to scroll across a large zoomed image.
  • This update fixes a bug that caused HTML tags to appear in the feed text and summaries of articles from The Independent. This fix will not apply to articles downloaded to the device before installing this update.
  • After entering a webpage URL to look for feeds and then tapping a feed to which you are already subscribed, you will now be prompted to edit your subscription, unsubscribe from the feed, or copy the feed link.
  • The Cancel and Done buttons have been removed from the bottom of the Add Subscription screen. You can still leave that screen by swiping the screen to the right.
  • When VoiceOver is enabled, Unread will no longer add whitespace between areas of the magic tap menu. This should make it easier to locate and tap items on the screen when unable to clearly see them.
  • When sharing an article to HEY via the share sheet, the resulting email message will contain only the title and a link to the article.
  • This update adds bug fixes and performance improvements around keyboard navigation, drag and drop on iPad, context menu generation, and general navigation.
  • This update adds minor bug fixes around split view and slide over on iPad.