iPadOS 16 adds system-wide keyboard shortcuts that conflict with Unread’s keyboard shortcuts:

  • On iPadOS 16, command-w closes the current app window, exiting the app under most circumstances. The shipping version of Unread allows you to back out of the current screen using command-w. For example, pressing command-w while reading an article brings you back to the article list.
  • On iPadOS 16, command-m minimizes the current app window when using Stage Manager. The shipping version of Unread allows you to toggle the read/unread status of an article using that keyboard shortcut.

Therefore later this week I am going to release an update to Unread that incorporates these changes:

  • Pressing command-w will no longer back out of the current screen. Pressing command-w will close the swipe left menu when displayed, and will close a modal dialog such as the one letting you edit a feed subscription. But when no modal is displayed and when the swipe left menu is not shown, pressing command-w will close the Unread window on iPadOS 16 and will have no effect on iPadOS 15. Instead you can use left arrow to back out of the current screen. The left arrow keyboard shortcut already works in the shipping version of Unread.
  • The update will add a new keyboard shortcut for toggling the read/unread status of the article. The command-m shortcut will continue to work when not using Stage Manager.

I know that customers rely on and build up a muscle memory for keyboard shortcuts. I do not like removing them, but it is important that system-defined keyboard shortcuts work as expected when using Unread.