Unread 3.2.1 is available from the App Store with these improvements:

  • The Add Subscription screen will now discover the Mastodon RSS feed when a Mastodon account URL is entered. Similarly the Subscribe to Unread share sheet extension will now discover a Mastodon user’s RSS feed when invoked from the user’s profile page or posts.
  • This update adds a Mastodon button to the About screen. The button lets you open Unread’s profile page on Mastodon, copy a link to that page, or copy its handle. Unread is on Mastodon with the handle @unread@mastodon.goldenhillsoftware.com.
  • This update fixes a bug that prevented home screen widgets from working under some circumstances.
  • This update fixes a bug around syncing the read/unread status values and starred/unstarred status values of articles.

This update is available now from the App Store. If you enjoy using Unread please consider purchasing a subscription. An Unread Subscription unlocks custom app icons, article actions, caching of webpage text and images, and more.