It is easy to subscribe to more feeds than you have time to read, or more content than you even have time to scroll through. I subscribe to an inordinate number of feeds myself. I want to share a trick for managing this.

I subscribe to 475 feeds. About half of the new articles I see each day comes from 8 of those feeds. And while I often enjoy articles from those 8 high-volume feeds, they generate a disproportionate number of articles that I am not interested in reading. I have a tag called “High Volume” containing just those 8 feeds. When I fall behind and my number of unread articles is more than I want to go through, I first mark all articles with the High Volume tag read. I do that by long-pressing the “High-Volume” tag and selecting “Mark All Read” from the resulting menu. This trick helps me quickly focus on the articles I am more likely to read.