Unread 3.5 is available from the App Store. This is a modest update that adds support for iOS/iPadOS 17 and incorporates these improvements:

  • This update adds significant performance improvements to Unread’s feed discovery algorithm and changes to the Subscription information screen. Details below.
  • This update adds performance improvements around refreshing Unread Cloud and Local accounts.
  • Mark All Read is now available in the swipe left menu of an article list showing search results. This change is not available in Fever accounts.
  • This update fixes a bug that prevented the app from rotating while zoomed in on an image.
  • The list of starred articles in Inoreader accounts is now referred to as “Read Later”, matching Inoreader’s nomenclature.
  • Unread now more aggressively tries resubmitting articles to Raindrop.io after failures.
  • When removing an account from a device, Unread now uses the phrase “Delete Account” and a trash can icon for deleting a local account. It uses the phrase “Remove Account” and a lock icon for deleting other accounts of other types. When removing an Unread Cloud account, you are given the option of simply removing the Unread Cloud account from the device or destroying the account.
  • With this update articles from Facebook via Inoreader’s Facebook integration have no title.
  • This update fixes bugs around the display of ads from free Inoreader accounts.
  • This update fixes a bug that caused refresh problems with Unread Cloud and Local accounts after significant system clock fluctuation.
  • This update fixes a bug that could cause issues syncing read/unread article status changes with a Feedly account under some circumstances.

Feed Discovery, Subscription Screen Changes

In prior versions of Unread, retrieving a list of feeds for a specific webpage could be slow under some circumstances. Unread would attempt to determine before even presenting the list of feeds whether each feed was summary-only or had full article content, and therefore what the default webpage text settings should be. With this update Unread does not attempt to determine this until refreshing the account after subscribing to the feed. This makes the process of subscribing to a feed from either the app or the Subscribe in Unread share sheet extension faster.

Since the best default webpage text settings are not yet known at the time you subscribe to a feed, the webpage text options are no longer part of the Subscription screen in the app. They are set automatically in the background. As in prior versions, when switching from Feed Text to Webpage Text or vice-versa for an article there is an option to apply that change to all articles from that feed.