A new build of Unread for macOS is available via TestFlight: build 400180.

Article Actions

This build adds these article actions to Unread for macOS:

Save Article Actions: Instapaper, Pinboard, Pocket, Raindrop.io, Readwise, and Safari Reading List

Share Article Actions: Mail Link, Messages

Enabled article actions can be invoked via the Article menu, the context menu for an article in an article list, the context menu for a link, or keyboard shortcut. There is also a toolbar button for each article action. You can add an article action to the toolbar of main viewer windows or standalone article windows by selecting Customize Toolbar… from the View menu.

When Unread for macOS is released through the Mac App Store, article actions will require a subscription.

Notes About Article Actions on macOS

  • Implementing Mail Content on macOS appears infeasible. I wrote about why on my personal blog.
  • The Safari Reading List action has the side effect of bringing Safari to the foreground. I also wrote about this on my personal blog

Both articles on my personal blog include Apple Feedback IDs, for the benefit of readers who happen to work for Apple.

Additional Improvements

  • This update changes the keyboard shortcuts for Next Article, Previous Article, Next Pane, and Previous Pane. The prior keyboard shortcuts still work, but they are unavailable on some non-English keyboard layouts. The new keyboard shortcuts should work regardless of keyboard layout.
  • This update improves feed discovery for odysee.com feeds.
  • This update adds modest tweaks to support Inoreader’s transition from Active Searches to Monitored Keywords. The searches now appear among your feeds just like they do on the Inoreader website. You can assign folders to monitored keywords, rename monitored keywords, and unsubscribe from monitored keywords just like any other feed. Monitored Keywords use a search (magnifying glass) icon in the left pane of the viewer window.
  • This update fixes a bug that caused search to stop working under some circumstances.
  • This build fixes a crash that would happen when opening the Source menu while the Pages sidebar item was selected in a Feedbin account.