I just posted a new beta version of Unread for macOS, build 400175. This build adds toolbar improvements, keyboard navigation improvements, the ability to see a link URL when hovering over it, the ability to print articles, and more.

Toolbar Improvements

This build adds new toolbar items: Mark All Read, Mark Unread, Save/Star/Read Later, Clear Read, Hide Read, View on Web, and Print. All of these items are available in the main window. Some are also available in standalone article windows. Some are not present by default, but can be added by customizing the toolbar. Toolbars can be customized by selecting Customize Toolbar… under the View menu.

The Sidebar toolbar item is no longer present in the main viewer window by default, but you can add it by customizing the toolbar. The Account toolbar menu is now present in the main window toolbar regardless of whether you have multiple accounts. You can remove it by customizing the toolbar.

Keyboard Navigation Improvements

The space key now scrolls the article view down a page, even when the sidebar or article list has keyboard focus. Similarly shift-space now always scrolls the article view up a page.

When at the end of an article in the main viewer window and the space key is pressed, Unread now opens the next article in the article list. Similarly when at the top of an article in a viewer window and shift-space is pressed, Unread now opens the previous article in the article list.

When in the main viewer window, the H key now puts keyboard focus on the pane to the left of that which currently has keyboard focus. Similarly the L key puts keyboard focus on the pane to the right of that which currently has keyboard focus. Thank you to Rob Fahrni (developer of Stream, another RSS reader) for this suggestion.

When scrolling up and down an article list using the Page Up, Page Down, Fn–Up Arrow, or Fn-Down Arrow keyboard shortcuts, article lists now break based on where article rows start and end.

After pressing Page Down, the first article that was not fully visible at the bottom of the article list becomes fully visible at the top of the article list.

Hovering Over Links

When hovering the mouse cursor over a link in an article, the link URL will now be displayed at the bottom of the window.


This build adds the ability to print articles. To print an article, select Print… from the File menu while viewing the article.

Additional Improvements

  • Switching between feed text and webpage text for an article is now undoable. Applying that change to other articles from the same feed is also undoable.
  • This build adds layout improvements to the prompt offering to apply a feed text / webpage text setting change to all articles from the feed. That prompt now also has a clear button that will dismiss it without making changes.
  • For customers using Unread Cloud and Local accounts, a list of feed errors is available. To open it, select Feed Errors from the Window menu. Select that to show a list of feeds that have issues or have become unavailable.
  • The sidebar menu item for Unread Articles is now a solid circle.
  • This build adds a Check URL button to the New Subscription window. Click that to check the currently entered URL for feeds. This is an alternative to pressing the return key from inside the Website or Feed URL field.
  • The Account toolbar menu now has a Manage Accounts… item that opens the Accounts pane of the Settings window.
  • The Tags… or Folders… menu item, Next Source menu item, and Previous Source menu item in the Source menu are now available in the New Subscription window when there is a list of feeds.
  • The New Tag…, New Folder…, and New Saved Search… menu items now work when not in a main viewer window. (Only a subset of these menu items is available at one time, depending on your account type.)
  • When Unread is configured to display webpage text for an article but webpage text is not available, the View menu and the Display toolbar menu now reflect the desired setting (Webpage Text).
  • This build adds performance improvements around displaying the list of All Articles.
  • This build fixes a bug that resulted in the onboarding window appearing under the main window upon first launch under some circumstances.

As always I am eager to receive any input you may have. If you enjoy using Unread and are not currently a subscriber, please consider purchasing a subscription from Unread on your iPhone or iPad.