The next beta build of Unread for macOS will require a one-time migration process. When you first open it, the app will ask you to migrate data. This will require the following:

  1. When you first open the new build, a dialog will appear asking you to migrate your data. First, click the “Continue…” button.
  2. A file picker will appear. Its default location will be a folder named “”. You will not need to change the folder or select a file. Just click the “Open” button.

That is all you need to do. Here is a 10-second video demonstrating this:

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Technical Details

On both macOS and iOS, sandboxed apps use group container folders to share data between the main app and extensions, such as the Subscribe in Unread share extension and Unread’s widgets.

On iOS, group container identifiers should start with the prefix “group.”, whereas on macOS they should start with the developer’s Apple Team ID. Prior beta builds of Unread for macOS used the “group.” prefix. That worked, but it was incorrect.

On beta releases of Sequoia (macOS 15) using the “group.” prefix results in the customer getting an alert with this text at every launch:

“” would like to access data from other apps.

Keeping app data separate makes it easier to manage your privacy and security.

I fixed this by changing the group container identifier. As a result Unread’s group folder is at a different location. Since Unread is sandboxed, it will no longer have access to its old group container folder until it is given access with a system file picker.

With this process, you are giving temporary access to the old group container folder with a file picker. Unread migrates its data from the old group container folder to the new group container folder.