I am proud to announce the release of CloudPull 2.0. This free upgrade adds two major features:

Gmail Backup

CloudPull 2.0 backs up Gmail. Your Gmail backups include your email messages, and the set of labels assigned to each message. CloudPull allows you to select which labels you wish to back up, and whether you wish to back up unlabeled messages. Backed up messages can be imported into Mail individually, and entire mail labels can be imported into Mail as mailboxes.

Point-in-time snapshots

CloudPull 2.0 creates a point-in-time snapshot after each backup. The app allows you to browse your backups from snapshots, and to restore data from snapshots.

A more detailed description of these changes is also available. CloudPull 2.0 is available immediately from this web site and from the Mac App Store. CloudPull 2.0 requires Lion (Mac OS 10.7).

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