After careful consideration, I have decided to remove CloudPull from the Mac App Store. The app will now be available exclusively through Customers who purchased the app through the Mac App Store can download the most recent updates here:

These versions will honor Mac App Store purchases and will import data from the Mac App Store edition of CloudPull. If you encounter any problems, please email me.

The most significant improvement in the CloudPull 2.6 update is Yosemite compatibility. I submitted this update to the Mac App Store on October 1. Apple rejected it on October 15. I spent time from October 15 through October 27 escalating the issue — first with the App Review Team, then with the App Review Board, and finally with Apple Developer Technical Support. Meanwhile, Yosemite was released on October 16 and many customers have already migrated to the version available on my web site.

It is possible to work around Apple's reason for rejecting the app. Instead, I have decided to distribute CloudPull exclusively through my web site. That will allow me to provide updates more quickly, and to focus on serving customers rather than dealing with the Mac App Store.