Feed Hawk 1.1 is now available in the App Store. The biggest improvements in this update are support for Fever and for tt-rss.

To work with Fever, Feed Hawk requires an HTTPS server with a valid certificate and Fever-Feed Hawk Adapter.

To work with tt-rss, Feed Hawk requires an HTTPS server with a valid certificate and a version of tt-rss from August 30, 2016, or later.

Other improvements:

  • Feed Hawk is now more tolerant of URLs that cannot be parsed when reading lists of subscriptions from feed services.
  • Feed Hawk ignores feeds that require authorization and that have URL protocols other than HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Feed Hawk ignores feeds that appear to exist only on your local network, unless you are using a self-hosted feed service (Fever or tt-rss).
  • Feed Hawk now provides text to users logging in to a BazQux Reader account letting them know that they need a BazQux Reader Mobile Login.
  • The Feed Hawk app no longer looks for a URL in the clipboard when it is first launched. This worked well in iOS 9, but Universal Clipboard makes this slow down the user interface under some circumstances.
  • “Subscribe to Our Blog” on the Settings screen now uses a switch.
  • Feed Hawk is now using Swift 3.0 and is compiled with Xcode 8 against the iOS 10 SDK. Feed Hawk is also now using a different dependency manager.

The privacy policy has been updated to reflect the addition of the newly supported feed services. In addition, the link from the privacy policy to NewsBlur now uses HTTPS.

Feed Hawk 1.1 requires iOS 10.

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