I am very excited to announce that Golden Hill Software has acquired Unread, a beautiful RSS reader for iPhone and iPad, from Supertop.

I have been a fan of Unread since Jared Sinclair first released it in 2014 and I have been an avid consumer of news via RSS for much longer. I wrote Feed Hawk last year because I wanted to make it easier to subscribe to feeds from my iPhone. I am also a fan of Supertop’s other work. I have been using Castro since shortly after Supertop released its first version and I have been using Tokens for about a year.

Pádraig and Oisín, the team behind Supertop, said on a recent episode of their podcast that they were reconsidering the future of Top Hat, Tokens, and Unread because they need to focus on Castro. I knew that if Supertop ever decided to stop developing Unread I would want a chance to take it over, so I wrote to them. After some discussion they agreed to sell me Unread.

I want to thank Pádraig and Oisín for trusting me with the future of Unread and for being great to work with during this transition.

I hope my new customers will also take the opportunity to check out Feed Hawk. Feed Hawk makes it easy to subscribe to a website’s RSS feeds while visiting that site using Safari, Chrome, or almost any other iOS app that lets you open a share sheet while viewing a web page. It supports a wide variety of feed services including Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, and NewsBlur. It will also work with Fever if you install a Fever-Feed Hawk Adapter on your server.

There was no way to move Unread from Supertop’s App Store account, so Unread 1.7 is now available as a new app. If you had purchased the unlocked functionality, you can migrate your purchase to this new version at no cost. A Migration Guide is available with more details. Unread 1.7 introduces these improvements:

  • Free migration of purchases from previous versions
  • Universal app for iPhone and iPad
  • Account login improvements

Details about improvements in this update are available in the release notes.

If you have any feedback about Unread, please email me. If you like Unread or the improvements in this update please leave a review.