Unread 3.6

John Brayton

March 19, 2024

Unread 3.6 for iPhone and iPad is available from the App Store. This is a modest update with a variety of improvements.

Article Action Changes

Copy Article Link and View on Web are no longer considered premium article actions. Both are available with or without a subscription. They are still optional and off by default. To enable them, open Settings and then open its Articles screen. These actions are always available via hardware keyboard shortcut on iPad.

The Article Actions settings screen now divides actions into two categories: Save Article Actions for bookmarking and read later services, and Share Article Actions for those pertaining to email or Messages.

Article actions in context menus and swipe left menus are now sorted differently: first by category and then by name.

Additional Improvements

This update also adds these improvements:

  • This update improves feed discovery for odysee.com feeds.
  • This update adds modest improvements to the presentation of feeds on the New Subscription screen and in the Subscribe in Unread share sheet extension.
  • The context menus for links inside articles now have an Add Subscription item, allowing you to quickly subscribe to feeds offered by the linked webpage. This is not available in Fever accounts.
  • Images that are smaller than the display width are no longer centered on iPad, except when using a narrow column view in Split View, Slide Over, or Stage Manager.
  • This update addresses some issues around discovering feeds from ooh.directory.
  • If an article in a list of unread articles has been marked read but still appears in the list because it was unread when the article list was opened, it will stay in that article list after the app has been terminated and relaunched.
  • This update loosens the resolution requirements for a thumbnail image to appear in an article list.
  • This update adds a Technical Notes article describing functionality available in the Save to Unread and Subscribe in Unread share sheet extensions.
  • This build adds performance improvements around displaying the list of All Articles.
  • When Unread is configured to display webpage text for an article but webpage text is not available, the display submenu of the swipe left menu now reflects the desired setting (Webpage Text).
  • This update adds modest tweaks to support Inoreader’s transition from Active Searches to Monitored Keywords. The searches now appear among your feeds just like they do on inoreader.com. You can assign folders to monitored keywords, rename monitored keywords, and unsubscribe from monitored keywords just like any other feed.
  • This update fixes a bug that caused broken images in weibo.com articles.
  • The primary keyboard shortcut for the Mail Link article action is now Control-Command-I. The old keyboard shortcut works as well.

Unread 3.6 requires iOS/iPadOS 17.0 or later.

If you enjoy using Unread, please consider purchasing a subscription. A subscription adds premium features to Unread and supports development.