I posted a new beta of Unread for macOS (build 400192) with this modest set of improvements:

  • This update adds significant article list performance improvements. In service of this, the first time you open Unread after installing this update the app will take up to a minute to optimize its article database.
  • You can now expand the Saved Articles sidebar item to get a list of saved articles by feed. (This sidebar item might be called Starred Articles or Read Later, depending on the type of account.)
  • The “Next Pane” and “Previous Pane” menu items now flash a border around the newly focused pane.
  • This update fixes some bugs around subscribing to and unsubscribing from feeds in Inoreader accounts.
  • The account-specific area of the Accounts pane in the Settings window now has a “Show Account” button. I also made some layout adjustments in that area.
  • This update changes the order of menu items in the “View” menu.
  • This update adds a setting to open links in the background. This setting works with Safari and Firefox, but it does not work with all browsers – most notably Chrome. The setting is available in the Advanced pane of the Settings window.

This update is available now from TestFlight. You can join the beta now if you have not already done so.