I posted a new beta of Unread for macOS: build 400208. This build adds Unread’s widgets and more. You can join the beta now if you have not already done so.


This build incorporates Unread’s widgets into Unread for macOS. They can be added to the desktop or to Notification Center. Some widget configuration options will require a subscription, just as they do on iPhone and iPad, when Unread for macOS is released through the Mac App Store.

Screenshot of widgets on a Mac desktop
Some of Unread’s widgets, each using a different color theme

Other Improvements

  • When viewing an image fullscreen, Unread will retrieve and display a higher resolution of that image when one is available. This change applies to articles downloaded after installing this build.
  • The Font Sizes pane of the Settings window now has a setting letting you control the article content width.
  • This build adds performance improvements around loading and caching images.
  • Article list thumbnails are smaller when the article list is particularly narrow. This is primarily intended to use less screen real estate on 13-inch MacBook Air displays.
  • This build adds minor changes to alerts asking for confirmation around deleting Local accounts, unsubscribing from feeds, and deleting tags or folders.
  • Section headers no longer appear in article lists by default. You can add them by turning on a “Show section headers” setting in the General pane of the Settings window.
  • This update adds a Plinky article action. Plinky is a bookmarking app that is launching soon. I will post more about this after Plinky is released and announced.
  • This build adds minor layout tweaks to Settings window panels.

Additional Note

I removed “Mark All Read by scrolling beyond the last article in an article list” from the “To Be Implemented Before Release” help page. I no longer believe that makes sense on macOS, so I am not planning to implement that.

This build is available now from TestFlight. You can join the beta now if you have not already done so.