Unread 3.8 is available from the App Store. This update adds handoff improvements, simpler enabling of the Plinky article action, and more.


Unread 3.8 adds significant improvements to handoff functionality. Handoff works much more reliably. Handoff also works with the beta release of Unread for macOS. You can seamlessly move between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Handoff will not work between Unread 3.8 and prior versions of Unread for iOS/iPadOS.

Simpler Enabling of the Plinky Article Action

When Plinky is installed on the device, Unread will now automatically retrieve your Plinky ID from Plinky when enabling that article action. You no longer need to copy and paste your Plinky ID.

Enabling the Plinky article action

Other Improvements

  • This update also fixes formatting bugs in Engadget articles. These fixes will apply to Engadget articles downloaded after installing this update.
  • This update fixes a bug that caused images in email newsletters not to use their full width on iPad under some circumstances.
  • This build fixes bugs that caused duplicate images from some articles from The Verge when syncing with Feedly.

Unread 3.8 is available now from the App Store. If you enjoy using Unread and are not already a paying subscriber, please consider purchasing a subscription to Unread’s premium features.