I have decided to remove CloudPull Free from the Mac App Store. This is the edition of CloudPull I released in January that allowed you to download the app from the Mac App Store for free.

Customers running CloudPull Free are welcome to download the CloudPull 2.5 update from this web site. The edition available on this web site will automatically read your CloudPull data. If you purchased the app's premium features, the app will continue to honor that purchase and to provide those premium features.

I understand that many customers prefer to manage their apps through the Mac App Store. If you downloaded CloudPull Free, purchased its premium features, and would like to get future updates from the Mac App Store, then please email me (jbrayton@goldenhillsoftware.com) your iTunes Store receipt for that purchase. The receipt will have the line item “CloudPull Free, Upgrade to Premium”. I will respond with a free promo code for the premium Mac App Store Edition of CloudPull.

I am very grateful to everyone who has downloaded and tried CloudPull. Discontinuing CloudPull Free is a difficult decision that I made based on three factors:

  • Although a large number of customers downloaded CloudPull Free, the number who purchased its premium features is a very small portion of my paying customer base.
  • The existence of more than one Mac App Store edition of CloudPull directly contributed to one Mac App Store approval delay, and exacerbated the effect of another.
  • In order to keep their infrastructure running smoothly, Google has application-wide usage limits for each app that accesses Google APIs. These limits should be more than sufficient for my customer base for the foreseeable future, but I need to ensure that an influx of customers who choose not to pay for the app does not affect the operation of the app for my paying customers.

Please feel free to email me with any concerns, questions, or feedback you may have. Thank you.

CloudPull 2.5 Release Notes
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