I just released Unread 3.1 with a Subscribe in Unread share sheet extension. Like Feed Hawk, Subscribe in Unread lets you subscribe to and unsubscribe from feeds offered by the website your are visiting via the share sheet.

In addition Subscribe in Unread offers many improvements over Feed Hawk:

  • The ability to set subscription titles.
  • The ability to assign groupings (folders, smart streams, or tags — whatever groupings your account supports) to subscriptions, and to create new groupings.
  • Great hardware keyboard support.
  • Improved feed discovery.

With that functionality incorporated into Unread, I decided to discontinue Feed Hawk.

The Subscribe in Unread share sheet extension supports Unread Cloud, Unread’s Local accounts, Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, Feedly, Inoreader, and NewsBlur. If you have been using Feed Hawk with a feed service that Subscribe in Unread supports, I encourage you to download Unread and use the Subscribe in Unread share sheet extension. You can use it even if you choose to use a different app as your RSS reader. Unread is free to download, and none of the Subscribe in Unread functionality requires a purchase.

Feed Hawk does work with some services that Unread and the Subscribe in Unread extension do not support. If you are using Feed Hawk with such a service, you can continue to do so. Customers who downloaded Feed Hawk in the past can download it to other devices by following these instructions.

This website has RSS feeds dedicated to Feed Hawk news. They will remain in place, but after today they will incorporate articles pertaining to Unread.

I released the first version of Feed Hawk in August 2016, just about one year before I took over development of Unread. I wrote Feed Hawk because I wanted a feature that most RSS readers did not offer at that time: the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds offered by a website when visiting from my iPhone and iPad. I am excited to deliver this functionality in Unread.

You can download Unread from the App Store.